Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My marbles are full of mouth today

Things are going well, post number 3 in the blog revival project and still going strong...

Today I'm bringing you a vintage/ GBSB pattern mash-up.

An a-line skirt combined with the pinafore bib/strap adaption shown in the book that went with the second series of the Great British Sewing Bee (I'm so excited for the new season and there's not even an airing date yet).
The skirt pattern is a 1994 McCall's 7316 which has four variations. I used the standard A-line version.
This pinafore has taken FOREVER because 1) I am lazy 2) It's like I have a specific brand of sewing ADHD, I can never focus on just one project especially if there is maths involved and 3) I am really lazy. When I say forever, I mean like over half a year. It got to the point when I needed to stitch the waistband down and I ended up leaving it there because I needed to move the straps just a smidge. Well in half term - I moved them! And then I finished the pinafore and it fit me like a dream(ish) - I gained half a stone since starting making this.
My main motivation for getting this finished, believe it or not, was a conversation with a 6th former at the school I work at. The product design students know I sew in my spare time and the girl was asking me what I'd been working on lately and she said she wanted to see the pinafore skirt when I'd finished it.  

So here it is, I used a plain black cotton drill because I've finally realised that bright prints probably won't get worn by me. I am a goth through and through so dark colours are definitely my jam. That and this could be worn with something bright and patterned should the feeling ever take me. 
I also used two plastic wood coloured buttons from my stash - I have zero clues where they came from. 
I was so nervous making these buttonholes! I did manage to cock up the cutting of one of them but fixed that with some extra stitches.
The hem has a one inch turn up to match the one inch turn at the top of the bib.
I did consider doing some grey/silver top stitching in places but then realised, again, that I am far too lazy for that shit.  

Although the skirt section of this make is essentially classed as vintage, I am not counting this towards my vintage pledge as I started it last year and half of it isn't vintage! Therefore my pledge count still stands at 0/4 and 1 in progress  
I still have these boxes to dig through to find my next vintage make though:

See you soon!

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