Saturday, 20 February 2016

"My anxiety has kept me up for over 50 hours"

I genuinely woke up at 4:30 this morning worrying because I forgot to cut two of a pattern piece yesterday and I don't have enough of the fabric to cut another.
Do you guys do this too or am I a mad woman? 
Apparently I relate a little more than I thought to Chris Traeger...

Thought I'd make a start on my vintage pledge update today, cutting the Blackmore blouse in the silk.
This is as far as I've got:

The green thread is where there were circles cut in the un-printed pattern pieces which I marked just in case and by the looks of things - they mean nothing. The next step on the instructions said "make small pleats from waist to lower edge". This confused the crap out of me, I spoke to a friend who lives in the village and she said "basically, you make it up" so I've pinned where I think some mash-up of a release pleats/fisheye darts might go and then not dared to actually sew them in yet. I'm ignoring this step until I've gotten further on and can fit it on me.

I decided to move on to choosing buttons and I found these pearlescent blue vintage ones in my stash:

There are five of them, one of them is pinned to the shirt. I got these when I picked up three carrier bags full of "stuff" from a Freecycle local ad along with a tonne of other buttons and some hook type things and about 30 vintage metal zips.

Also, check out that collar - mega chuffed with that considering the only other collars I have done are on the ten jackets me and my boss had to make for this years Grease production.
I was trying to make a dent in my original plans for sewing this week as I'm on half term - I think I was being a little optimistic when I wrote my original list considering my parents are redoing the kitchen and the porch atm and there's little I can do than sit on the sofa, drink tea and think warm under a layer of dust
This means it's now Friday and I've only got a fraction done and didn't finish anything. 
Now I'm going to finish packing my bag and go and pester Joe for the weekend.

Progress on Vintage Pledge: 0/4 complete, 1 in progress  

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