Monday, 3 November 2014

Tuesday's Grey and Wednesday Too

Here it is, the finished article! Ignore my face, I look lumpy/awkward as. (I do not enjoy being photographed in the slightest but my mum forced me)

In better light. I'm so proud of how the darts line up on the bodice and the skirt (not seen - the side seams on one side are about 4mm off).
That collar is self-drafted and I am SO proud of it! I did  my machines version of top stitching which is basically just not close to the edge at all but it does the job :)

 Check it ouuuttt!
Also, aren't those bat buttons the cutest?!

I have one more silver one and four glittery black ones, they are totes adorbs and I love them! They're perfect for this Wednesday Addams dress and my closet goth-ism. 
This is just an update as a few friends said they wanted to see the finished article, I'm working on the next post this week and I'll let y'all know via Instagram when the next post is up and the progress I'm making on my current make! 


  1. the bat buttons are perfect! love it.

  2. Awesome! Totally love those bat buttons :-D

  3. eek! you looked incredible! so jealous of your skills