Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bada Boom Bada Bing

So this is my first trek into blogging territory. I thought it about time considering in the next couple weeks I will be upgrading my sewing machine from a January sales BHS gift section special which cost me a grand total 25 very English pounds to a Brother DS140.

 The Little Ripper
 Look at it... just LOOK 0.0

You do not understand just how excited I am to get that bad boy on the dining table and purr all over it.
Don't get me wrong, I love my BHS special, she's a lovely dinky little thing but she has one speed on the pedal and two types of stitches which they managed to stretch over 8 functions and a backwards. The bit that bugged me the most as I improved was the lack of ability in switching feet. I've made five dresses and two skirts on it this year alone and she coped wonderfully but I could have made those things in half the time and probably better quality with the new machine.

Anyway enough about the machinery.

My current project is my Halloween costume which I'm pretty sure will make it into my regular rotation afterwards. I don't actually have any concrete plans for the evening yet but I have all intentions of going somewhere dressed as Wednesday Addams (the Christina Ricci breed). She is my spirit animal. I love her and her straight faced straight talking.

I used the Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress from her book Love at First Stitch and drafted some cuffs and am planning on drafting a collar later on today.

 I cut a size 3 and I've used a black with silver glitter polyester twill (these are fancy words that my boss used and I don't doubt her as she has ridiculous amount of experience in textiles and the design industry) that I bought from Barry's Fabrics in Birmingham on the SewBrum Meet-up. It's a bitch to work with in that it doesn't press too well. The cuffs and collar are in a crisp white crepe type material... don't know exactly what it is (probably crepe) because...well, I don't pay attention to that stuff and have practically zero knowledge of fabric type beyond woven and knit.

 Sparkle Sparkle!

I was anxious when I drafted the cuffs, I wasn't sure just how they'd turn out but I'm pretty dang happy with them! They're sharp and pointy looking and turned out just the right depth. I used the sleeve pattern piece the get the right length and then measured 7cm down and joined the sides with a straight line. To get the points I just cut a 3cm line in half way across on the straight line.
 I am so gutted I didn't photograph the making process of these because I am so proud of them but I didn't really know when I'd be sinking my teeth into the blogging biz.

One thing I'm a little worried about is I forgot to factor in my large chestular area so not sure how it's going to fit but some of my new sewist friends on instagram suggested putting a band between the bodice and skirt to lengthen it which I thought was the issue at first. Now I'm not so sure but I'll just bind myself for Halloween because like hell am I going to manage to sew up a whole new bodice in that time.

See what I mean? Those darts and tucks just won't lie flat... also working in a Design Technology department with a good Textiles section is awesome - YAY OVERLOCKER ACCESS!

Things left to do to this project before it's wearable:
  1. Hand stitch the inside bit of the cuffs (again my lack of technical knowledge shines through)
  2. Draft collar and attach with facings
  3. Attach bodice to skirt
  4. Invisible back zip
  5. Hem
Totes do-able right?
My dad is on night shifts and sleeps all day at the minute though so I can't sew during the day on my machine since its decibel measurements rival the blitz.

So anyway, this is my blog entry number one. I don't know how regularly I'll be able to write but hopefully I'm not irritating. Please, if anyone has any hints or tips leave them in the comments :)
Tara for now!


  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! I'm so excited for you getting your new machine, you'll notice a world of difference. I'm sure your costume will be fine, as long as it fits for Halloween, you can always go back to it after and tweak the bits you are not happy with! Hope you have a lovely evening! Helen (justsewtherapeutic) x

    1. Thanks so much Helen :) It's scary putting yourself out there like this isn't it!
      I'm sure I'll get a photo or two on the night to share with everyone x

  2. That is absolutely looking fantastic Alex! Can't wait to see it finished ��

    H x

    1. Thanks Heidi - working on it right now and I'll be able to get the machine out when my dad gets up. Night shifts are the bane of my life. x

  3. I've been waiting for this for what seems like forever (okay well since I met you last month!). I'm so happy that you've joined the blogging world!! And cracking job on the dress. Tag me in an instagram pic of the completed project pleaaaaaaasseeeeee!
    Love, Meg x